Sports with Full Face Makeup, This Effect on the Skin

Some people seem unable to escape from social media. Various uploads of daily activities, including during sports, have also become popular publications. To always look beautiful on social media, it is not uncommon for a woman to use makeup when exercising. In fact, there are adverse effects on skin health.

Full face makeup has the potential to clog skin pores. When you exercise, the body will produce a lot of sweat and oil. However, this sweat and oil is inhibited due to being covered by facial makeup. As a result, sweat and oil will be trapped and cause bacterial growth.

In addition, open pores during exercise will make dirt and makeup particles potentially enter the skin. This is what later has the potential to cause various skin problems.

Skin problems that can arise
As previously revealed, exercising with face makeup has the potential to cause several skin problems. Anything? The following skin problems that can occur.

Normal face without makeup can experience irritation during exercise. This occurs due to spending sweat and oil and pores that are wide open. No wonder the face can look reddish. Well, try to imagine if your face is full of makeup when you exercise. It will definitely cause more irritation to the skin.

Clogged pores due to the use of makeup will make a buildup of dirt and bacteria on the skin. This can trigger acne or make acne more inflamed.

Blackheads are formed due to a blockage in the pores. Not infrequently, blackheads are also found in those who like to wear makeup when exercising.

To avoid skin problems that arise when exercising, you can do the tips below:

  • Clean the face of dirt and makeup before and after exercising.
  • Ready to wash facial soap and clean towels.
  • Do not wipe face sweat with your hands, use a towel or tissue.
  • Do not put face on the mat or sports equipment that is used together.
  • If your skin is having problems, you should ask your dermatologist when the right time to exercise.
  • After performing skin care, such as laser or peeling, satisfy exercise for about 1-2 days.
  • Still beautiful when you exercise, can you?

You can still look beautiful when you are exercising without having to be burdened with makeup. Try applying these tips:

  • Choose a moisturizer that is water-based
    Before exercising, it’s good to still pay attention to the skin’s moisture. You can look for moisturizer products with water-based content.
  • Use face mist to hydrate the face
    Use face mist to spray on the skin so that the skin remains well hydrated during exercise. In addition, face mist also functions as a cooling down to prevent skin irritation.
  • If you still want, use light makeup
    If you still want to wear makeup, use light makeup products that don’t close pores, such as powder or BB cream. Or just use makeup on certain areas, such as lips, eyebrows, and eyelashes. This is to minimize the potential for skin problems.

Exercise is good for the health of the body, including for the skin, so the skin becomes brighter and fresher. However, if you exercise using makeup, you will be prone to experiencing some skin problems. Therefore it is better, leave your face plain without makeup to avoid the bad effects above, or follow some of the suggestions described above.