Not Cleaning Makeup Triggers Skin Cancer, Really?

Some women can not be separated from the use of makeup. The problem is, even though they love dressing up, not a few are ‘lazy’ when they have to clean it. What is the impact on the skin? That said, there are those who associate makeup and the habit of not cleaning it with skin cancer.

Makeup triggers skin cancer?
Although it has been a frightening disease for many years, unfortunately the cause is still unknown. Experts around the world are still having trouble determining the main cause of cancer.

That is why, it can be said that not removing makeup before going to sleep cannot be ascertained as a cause of skin cancer. The same thing was said by dr. Sepriani Timurtini Limbong. According to him, rarely or not cleaning makeup at all is not a direct cause of skin cancer.

“Cancer is a disease that can be triggered by many factors. That is, not removing makeup before going to sleep can indeed trigger cancer, but not directly, “he explained.

According to Dr. Sepriani, the thing that more influences the occurrence of skin cancer is repeated and prolonged sun exposure.

“Skin cancer is caused by the appearance of abnormal cells due to too much exposure to sunlight. So, if you rarely clean your makeup, that’s not the main cause, “explained Dr. Sepriani when interviewed.

As a result of not cleaning makeup
Although it hasn’t been proven to be a single cause of skin cancer, not cleaning your makeup before going to sleep can still cause other problems with your skin.

Some things that will happen if you are lazy to clean makeup, namely:

Acne can easily appear on dirty and rarely cleaned skin. This is because the chemicals contained in makeup will stick and accumulate on the skin of the face, causing blockages, causing acne.

Blackheads will more easily arise on faces with oily skin, especially if there is dirt or traces of makeup that accumulate.

If you rarely clean your face, the amount of blackheads can increase many times and the skin will look greasy.

Dull skin
Not cleaning makeup before going to bed can also make your skin duller. Moreover, if you are a person who has a lot of outdoor activities, which causes dust and air pollution to stick to the face.

Skin irritation
Many makeup products contain chemicals, from mild to severe. The ingredients that will be absorbed in the skin and can cause irritation on the face.

Irritations that appear are usually in the form of itchy red rashes, accompanied by dry skin and small spots arise. This condition can get worse if your face is exposed to sun exposure, dust and pollution.

Eye infections
If you use eyeshadow or mascara and don’t clean it properly, it’s not impossible that the area around the eyes will be irritated. Germs can easily infiltrate and cause infections in the eye.

Damaging lip health
The use of cosmetic lips, such as lipstick should be noted. Some women have sensitive lips, so the use of inappropriate types of lipstick can trigger dry and chapped lips.

In some cases it was even found that the use of inappropriate types of lipstick can cause blackened lips. This happens because the lipstick contains chemicals that can accelerate lip pigmentation.

Not cleaning your makeup before going to sleep is not yet fully proven to trigger skin cancer. Even so, you are still advised not to let the habit be continued. Therefore, makeup that is not cleaned after a day of use can trigger adverse skin disorders.