Choose Where, Makeup Remover or Micellar Water?

Ways for someone to clean your face can vary. Some use facial soap, others do double cleansing, others only wash water. However, now there are two product choices if you want to clean your face makeup, namely makeup remover and micellar water.

Basically, whichever method of cleaning your face is a personal choice. The key is to use products that are compatible with the skin.

From the way it works itself is similar to ordinary makeup remover. So, it’s important for you to know the difference between the two, so you know when your facial skin needs it.

Makeup remover and its use
Makeup remover, which consists of many forms ranging from wet tissue, liquid, even balm, can make the illusion as if you clean the skin because it can clean all the makeup from the face in plain sight.

However, the reality is not the case. makeup remover only removes the outer layer of makeup from the skin, because it only contains oil, water, and preservatives. That is why makeup on the eyes is quite difficult to remove optimally.

Even though you have used a makeup remover, you still need to do facial cleansing, which is cleaning your face using soap that can remove all the dirt and makeup that clog pores.

Then, what about micellar water?
Unlike the makeup remover, micellar water is a combination of purified water, skin moisturizers such as glycerin, and mild surfactants in very small amounts. The whole composition then forms microscopic spheres called micelles, which act as magnets to dirt and oil.

When dropped on a cotton swab, micelle will stick to the cotton when cleaning makeup, oil, and other impurities on the face. The formula contained in micellar water itself is very light and safe for sensitive skin though.

So, you don’t need to wash your face afterwards, because the moisturizer found in micellar water can be absorbed by the face.

In conclusion, micellar water is good for skin types that are prone to acne because it can clean the dirt on the face, but does not make facial skin dry.

In addition, this facial cleansing liquid can also play a role as a facial wash, makeup remover, and moisturizer. Micellar water is also recommended for use in the re-application of sunscreen on the face, to prevent clogged pores.

Although it provides many benefits, micellar water requires an additional makeup remover when you clean your face from thick or waterproof makeup. If it’s still not clean, you certainly have to proceed to the next step, which is using facial cleanser.

For skin that is too oily, micellar water is not functioning properly. You are better advised to use facial cleanser directly to prevent acne after using makeup.

After knowing how to work the makeup remover and micellar water, of course you can now choose the use of products that are suitable for the skin and the condition of the face when applied. In essence, do not be lazy to clean your face at the end of the day, to prevent the emergence of unwanted facial skin problems in the future.