Tips to Reapply Sunscreen without Damaging the Make Up

The advice, sunscreen must be reapplied every few hours. Unfortunately many are lazy to do it for reasons of fear of damaging makeup. Is there a way to reapply sunscreen without damaging makeup?

The importance of using sunscreen for the skin
Many people only use sunscreen under certain conditions. In fact, sunscreen needs to be used at any time, not only when going to the beach, swimming, or outdoors.

Even in the room there is still exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. This condition in the long term can cause photoaging (premature aging of the skin due to frequent exposure to UVA and UVB rays).

In addition, UV exposure is a major cause of skin cancer, namely basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. The risk of skin cancer can be reduced by protecting yourself from cell damage caused by UV rays, namely by using sunscreen.

Once is not enough
For women, not a few who think that the use of cosmetics will provide protection against sunlight.Dr. Alberta Jesslyn Gunardi, BMedSc (Hons) tries to explain it.

“The use of cosmetics will indeed provide a little protection against sunlight. However, cosmetics alone are not enough. Sunscreen is still needed, both before and after the use of cosmetics, “explained Dr. Alberta.

In addition, the application of sunscreen is also not enough, but must be reapplied every few hours.

“Using sunscreen only once in the morning is certainly not enough, because its efficacy will fade as time passes. It’s better to reuse sunscreen every two hours. “

How often you have to reapply sunscreen actually depends on the activity, whether you are more indoors or outdoors.

Most demathologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, then reapplied several times a day if you are outdoors. Unfortunately, many women are reluctant to use sunscreen again because they do not want to get messy or damaged makeup.

How to reapply sunscreen without damaging makeup
Actually, there have been many combination products for daily beauty rituals, for example moisturizer with SPF, foundation, or powder with protection against sunlight. Unfortunately, that is not enough.

Also, even though sunscreen is your first beauty ritual in the morning, you will need touch-ups in the afternoon or evening, especially if the weather is hot. Reapplying sunscreen at this time is feared to damage the makeup, or you don’t have time to repeat the beauty ritual from the start.

Reporting from the Huffington Post, the following is a solution to reapply sunscreen without damaging your makeup.

  • Use the sunscreen that you usually use every morning.
  • Use spray settings that contain SPF. For information, the spray setting is a spray product that is used as a top coat makeup, useful for making face makeup last longer. The spray setting is clear, so it won’t change the color and texture of the makeup. The skin will remain protected from the dangers of UV rays.
  • You can also use SPF setting powder or reuse powder with SPF content when touch-up and control sweat and shiny skin, before (returning) to outdoor activities.

How, no hassle, right? Don’t look for excuses not to reapply sunscreen. In the way mentioned earlier, you can reuse sunscreen several times a day to keep protecting the skin, without fear of damaging makeup! Do not just face, apply also a separate sunscreen to protect other body parts exposed to sunlight.